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Nambe manufactures a line of metal tableware called Nambeware. A piece of Nambeware is produced by sand-casting a specialalloy of several metals. After casting, the piece goes through a series of shaping, grinding, buffing, and polishing steps. Nambe is analyzing how to adjust its production schedule to accommodate the polishing step of a new line of plates that it isadding to its product line. Nambe selects a random sample of its tableware pieces and collects data on the type of piece (tray,dish, bowl, plate, or casserole), its diameter (in inches), its polishing time (in minutes), and its price (in dollars). [Source: Dataand Story Library (DASL).] The sample data are located in the data set Nambeware. Use the DataView tool to answer thefollowing questions. Sample Variables = 4Observations = 59Random sample of Nambeware pieces Data and Story Library [DASL] fi> ObservationsE Variable V Type V Form V Values V Missing V Type Qualitative Nonnumeric 59 Diameter Quantitative Numeric 59 Time Quantitative Numeric 59 Variable Price Quantitative Numeric 59VariableVariableVariable Correlation Correlation Nambe decides to use the 9 pieces in its sample that are plates to form the following sample regression line: A y = 17.41 + 0.62xwhere y = polishing time of a plate (in minutes) andx = the plate’s diameter (in inches)