Need an argumentative essay on As a Muslim: what I beleive in and why i belive it. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.
I should say that He is one and there is no one except Him for me.
I do not believe in more than one God. There is just one Allah and no one else is there to look after me and the rest of the world. Hence there is no question of any relationship between Gods, because there is only one Allah and no one else. Thinking of having more than one Gods in Islam is forbidden. It is the biggest sin and is called ‘Shirk’. Whosoever does ‘shirk’ will never see the face of Heaven and will straight go to Hell. Adding to the same discussion, Allah has time and again told through his Messenger, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as well as the Holy Quran that He can forgive anyone for his worst possible deeds that he has done in this world but He would never ever forgive a person who does ‘shirk’ and believes in more than one God.