Need an argumentative essay on Austin Hill Project. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
On the other hand, through Matt interview we are able to understand the success of the project as a product of his ability to distill the shifting diagram from the previous design meeting in which people the idea and the dream of the project.
The success of the project can also be understood from the Llene Kleinsorge interview based on his viewpoint. Right from what the first question that needed the chronology of how the Austin Hall came to being, his response and explanation sets a clear precedent on the possibility of success as it was based on a proactive plan and ensuring every necessary material needed was put into place that even captured a lot of donations and contributions from other outside stakeholders. He pointed out on the need to include the fireplace within the building advancement further to explain how people were ready and willingly contributed towards the project based on the fact that they were able to provide effective leadership based on effective communication to convey every significant information to the stakeholders while at the same time embracing proactive management style to every stakeholder of the project. Llene interview also revealed the success of the project as fully to have been embedded on higher degree of prioritizing amongst the actions to be executed and at what particular time.