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Need an argumentative essay on Bereavement. Needs to be 25 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The mourner’s history of losses, personality style, and pre-morbid mental health adjustment also impact the grief process (Rando, 1993).
Clearly, the traumatic circumstances that surrounded the events of September 11th added an unprecedented degree of complexity to the grief of those who experienced losses that day. While it appears reasonable that issues related to the trauma itself must be resolved before there is sufficient intrapsychic energy to deal with the loss per se, parsing out the differences between the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and those of complicated grief can be challenging (Figley, Bride, &amp. Mazza, 1997). Depressive symptoms may also be confusing and interfere with recognition of and response to the symptoms of complicated grief (Rando, 1993).

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