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Need an argumentative essay on Changes that have occurred in the last generation with regard to personal and family finances. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
When the man of the house lost his job, the wife would join the workforce, providing the needed income until the man found another job. In instances of divorce the woman, who previously wasn’t working, would get a job to support her kids. A stay at home parent provided the necessary safety net during times of economic distress.Poor saving habit is another danger to the financial stabilities of today’s families. If parents with two paychecks saved the second one then this would act as a safety net. With the change in generation, there has also been a significant decline in savings amongst families. Parents are using the additional incomes on extravagant items for their children and themselves. An increased push for housing in decent school districts is responsible for the financial crisis faced by many families at present. This situation is as a result of a loss of confidence of the education system. The government should increase investment in the schools that the middle income took their children to. The increased demand for these so-called decent preschools and good colleges lead a rise in their cost. The extra income earned by the woman pays for this. It is a fact that two-income families earn more today than what a family with individual breadwinners used to earn a generation ago. The cost of mortgage, taxes, health insurance and daycare are higher than before. The net effect is that the discretionary income of today’s dual-income families is lower than before.

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