Need an argumentative essay on Child Physical Performance The Concept of Motor Development. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Whatever the case, it is apparent that some specific motor habits and activities are expected of children between a certain age group, that is surely linked with their expected neuromotor development.
Expected Activities: the age group under consideration for studying the link between neuromotor development and movement mechanics in humans has been from children of ages 5 to 12. The basic neurological functions have by now developed enough in children between these age limits to enable them to perform certain activities that are universal in this context and form the basis of the study of movement science. Any abnormalities can then be examined easily as we already have the established and the expected activity range for these children. The method of data collection may differ among the scientists, but it is unanimously agreed that there are a total of eleven basic activities that should be performed by children of this age group. These activities are known as fundamental motor skills (NSW 1997), and they form the basis of all the other and more advanced activities that an individual performs later in his life (NSW 1997). Six of these activities would be discussed in this paper.

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