Need an argumentative essay on Culture of Ecuador. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The developing country in South America in the Western hemisphere, Ecuador is a country in which underdevelopment has been a feature of the political landscape in the post-independence period, in which subsistence is the norm and poverty runs rampant. Situated in north-west South America and bordering Columbia and Peru, Ecuador remains poverty-stricken and effectively removed from the forces of economic globalization which has come to characterize the developed West world. Seeking to address the history of this country as well as provide a social study of Ecuador today, this essay will begin with an introduction to this Latin American nation and follow with an analysis of the history and ethnic relations of Ecuador, the food and economy as well as the religious and political situation in Ecuador today. Seeking to provide as holistic an analysis as possible, we conclude with a concise overview of each issue studied and provide a comprehensive conclusion regarding the Ecuadorian condition today.