Writing Errands

Need an argumentative essay on Does money bring happiness. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
It is undeniable that money is necessary, and it brings momentary satisfaction, but sooner or later, the content feelings fade away and it amplifies people’s desire to buy something else. In other words, since we can only have instant satisfaction feelings from money, we will never be able to feel happiness from it, because real happiness isn’t just a feeling of satisfaction but it is a feeling of fulfillment that we can accomplish only after overcoming many obstacles on the way to our goals. Moreover, money and happiness are relative concepts which mean that if we constantly compare our situations to others, we will naturally become jealous of their money, reputation, and happiness. Therefore, because possessing materials by money does not fulfill the endless emptiness in ourselves, we should try to find happiness within ourselves by establishing strong identities of our own which will give us broad insights into meaning of happiness and a life.

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