Need an argumentative essay on Ethical and Psychological Egoism. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Not to do so would be morally incorrect so the satisfaction of our self interest or selfish needs is the main objective of Ethical Egoism. (LaFave, 2004. Shaver, 2002).
The theory of Psychological Egoism shows many inconsistencies, and it can be seen that it is incomplete as a valid theory after a careful study of its implications. It is a fallacy due to some fundamental reasons. One reason is the fact that usually people do what they don’t wnt to do. Actions of this type include actions that are a means to an end, like going to college in order to get a good job, working to get a paycheck, etc., and actions that are motivated as a result of a duty or obligation like keeping a promise, staying in good health, etc. (James Rachels cited by Lander University, no date).