Need an argumentative essay on Ethical Standards at Johnson County Library. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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It is evidently clear from the discussion that to measure the effectiveness of the Johnson County Library, the management considers citizens’ response concerning the level of best practices and services offered by employees. The library also allows citizens opportunity to present and file complaints against the institution. The management then considers the weight of the complaints to verify the level of effectiveness of the institution in a move to meet its missions. Just like in other organizations, Johnson County Library has numerous codes of ethics and conducts governing the behavior of the employees. The codes of ethics as inscribed in the ethical codes of Johnson County Library are destined for the establishment of the right standards of conduct to govern those who act on behalf of the general public. The accepted codes of ethics at Johnson County Library applies to all people elected to serve in the Office of the Commissioner in Johnson County. The law also applies to all officers elected in the Johnson County, Kansas. Furthermore, the established codes of ethics are applicable to all people appointed and hired as employees to work for the Johnson County, Kansas. The codes of ethics at Johnson County library applies to any individual employed to serve either on the basis of employment, rewards or free service. As indicated in the, one of the codes of ethics accepted at Johnson County Library is for the employees to maintain high standards of ethics. Codes of ethics at Johnson County Library require employees to show great loyalty and strong morality to the county. The level of morality and loyalty showed to the county has to exceed that shown to persons, agencies, political parties, departments, and other interests.

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