Need an argumentative essay on GOOGLE IN CHINA:. Needs to be 20 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The cultural environment prevailing in the country proved to be a hurdle in the expansion plans of Google.
The company had decided to tap the burgeoning Chinese market by setting up search engines in the country. Google is based in America, where search related to human rights will yield a number of results. But it found the Chinese environment to be very complex. Any kind of search relating to human rights is frowned upon by the Chinese government. Since, the Chinese government was not in a position to demand for voluntary restrictions by the company, it jammed the internet traffic. The government also used the firewall technique to restrict access to the search of Google. These had an adverse impact on the company’s operations within the country. The consumers were forced to switch to the local service providers. This impacted the market share of Google. It was slowly losing out to the local rivals.