Need an argumentative essay on Indians & Indian Policy in the USA. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
According to Philip, in his book on the termination policy, he talks of the effect of the policy on native Indians. This is because the living condition of Indian tribes in reserves was worse and the government had to find a way to change the lives of Indians into normal lives. The termination policy took long to enforce and eventually it gave way to recognition of indigenous Indians as Americans1. One of the people involved in change of policy was the then American President, Harry Truman who wanted Indians to be recognized as Americans. However, this was not the only policy that affected the Indian Americans in the United States since other polices were effected on American Indians. Cynthia Cumfer in her book explains the experiences that the Cherokee and the Tennesseans underwent in the USA. For instance, the refusal by Indians to be civilized led to the white administration colonizing their lands for different uses.