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The study was conducted in Sydney, Australia. The participants in the study were 172 and they were individuals with non-specific low back pain. They received 14 sessions of individualized supervised exercise therapy and they were randomly assigned to receive either motor control exercises or graded activity as a way of establishing the advantage and applicability of the motor control exercises in reducing back pain (Gazzi Macedo et al., 2012).
These two studies were aimed at establishing whether the exercise program could be used as an intervention into reducing PGD and LBP. However, the researchers in the first study found no effect of the treatment program on the prevalence of self-reported LBP and PGD during the time of pregnancy not exceeding 20 weeks. This cannot rule out the program though it cannot be used widely due to the failed positive results. The results of the second study however shoed that motor control exercises and graded activity have similar effects for patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain (Gazzi Macedo et al., 2012). These can be used well as an intervention in the reduction of back pain, LBP and PGD in pregnant women.