Need an argumentative essay on Introduction of Information system in Organisation. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Nowadays, high level of competition and other environmental impacts can be observed in fast food restaurant business all over the world and Nigeria is not an exception. For fast food organisations, it is apparent that there is an increasing focus on accomplishing better customer satisfaction and also to augment the organisational value. Several fast food organisations have now realised the significance of customer focused and customer based business services (Iwarere & Fakokunde, 2011). Due to rising demands and expectations of customers and enhanced competition from several multinationals, maintaining strong performances has become a challenging task for TFC. In years ahead, TFC will strive to improve the operational efficiencies as one of the main concerns of business. TFC seeks to develop in the areas of improved service delivery and enhance customer services (De Tastee Fried Chicken Limited, 2010). In this context, it can be stated that Information Systems (IS) can provide opportunities for TFC to enhance efficiency and improve the operational competency in the long run. Implementation of Mobile Point of Sale (POS) can provide an invaluable opportunity for TFC to enhance its overall performance. This essay describes about development of a new information system in TFC. The objective of the essay is to highlight different technical aspects which must be considered and the procedure for developing new information system i.e. mobile POS.

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