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Need an argumentative essay on Kinesiology as a Massage therapist. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.
These increased blood circulation will increases both our physical and mental activities. Kinesiological principles were built up one these body movements which are now extensively used in massage therapy, research, the fitness industry, and in industrial environments. “When a person seeks the help of a kinesiologist, the practitioner will study the client as a whole. This is because kinesiology theory suggests that the mind and body are inexplicitly linked and that one has a vital affect on the other.” (Kinesiology)
The author is relatively a new massage therapist, who found immense value of kinesiology in massage therapy. He believes that applied kinesiology (muscle testing) can be used to evaluate symptoms and conditions presented by his clients. When client’s came in for a session with me, I would stand them up and do body reading to analyze the structural distortions. (McCann) Muscles are the body part which controls the body movements and hence as per the kinesiology principles, in order to study body movements, the massage therapist must first evaluate the functioning of the muscles. McCann‘s arguments are justified considering the opinion of Arlene Green, written in the article Touch for Health Kinesiology for Massage Therapists. In his opinion “Each muscle is associated with a specific meridian energy pathway Massage may only be a temporary fix to chronic muscle problems, if the underlying cause isn’t being addressed. The weak muscles are often the real culprit in causing muscle imbalance” (Green)

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