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This is the main reason why discerning customers for cargo, corporate and general aviation consider Willow Run. Over and above, this airport offers services that are comparable to the large airports while at the same time offering conveniences of a small airport. In addition to this, Willow Run Airport manages approximately above 70,000 operations annually and about 200 million pounds of cargo are handled at the airport in every year. This thereby, makes it the 3rd largest airport in the entire Michigan State.
To investigate these underlying factors that has led to the damaging of operations in the airport. These factors will help in the improvement and advance aspects of the airport. There is a need analyse its operations before and presently in order to help come up with the appropriate solution to poor performance. This includes research on the service quality, performance and security concerns in the airport. This will help determine whether there is a need to develop the airport in order to bring back high quality operation in the airport and provide customers with advanced comfort.