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Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Japan with 144, 141, 137 and 128 millions respectively constitute the rest of the top ten populated nations in the world. Several nations across the world are estimated to undergo numerous changes population wise. European nations, with a 15% population over 65 and above, are likely to deal with the condition of minimal population growth rates over the next few decades. The average number of children per woman in Poland (Europe) is 1.2 when compared to 8.0 in Niger. This broad gap in the birthrates is a noteworthy indication which denotes the developed countries lot, facing a population crunch in the near future, as almost all of the developed countries have low birthrates and high populations over 65 due to higher education rates and better knowledge in contraceptive measures and other practices. Inadequate knowledge of birth control measures is one of the several reasons for the high population in the developing countries. Using contraceptives for birth control hasn’t been effective in most parts of Africa, Asia and Oceania while finding favor with Latin American nations. This can be attributed to the lack of proper education in couples and shortage of supplies and funds in these nations. A testimony of this is only 4% women in Rwanda practicing modern methods of family planning compared to the 70% in Brazil. As a result, most of the less developed countries are likely to show a higher people count in the future and only U.S.A. among the more developed countries is expected to keep its population rate high. The death rates do not tell the true story because high death rates continue to plague most developing countries despite having high growth rates. There has been a lot of progress in reducing the death rates over the past few decades in the poor nations of Africa and Asia but reports show that a lot more needs to be done. Every year 90 out of 1000 children aged below 1 year die in Africa, due to lack of proper healthcare facilities, professionals and ignorance of the latest practices. As years pass, the death rates would shrink significantly and this then, would mean an even higher population explosion. European and North American nations report 7 out of 1000 deaths for children aged below 1year. This low birth and death rates in the developed nations have resulted in a substantial population aged over 40 or more. Situations like these have made governments in Japan and Singapore urging their citizens to have more children to avoid complications in the future. This is entirely conflicting with the situation in highly populated nations like China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. The governments had to take up several initiatives to counter the burgeoning population. Those people who respond positively to the models proposed by the government are preferred in jobs and other causes. Developing countries outnumber the developed countries by a huge margin and with the growth trends indicating a similar pattern all over the world.

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