Need an argumentative essay on Prison sentencing reform-juveniles. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.
This is normally motivated by peer pressure whereby the deviant teenagers lure their friends to commit crimes in the name of having thrilling fun in their neighborhoods. Most American kids get away with the crimes they commit since the people in the community seldom take the matters to court but those who are not lucky enough to be forgiven face trials and they are given various sentences by the courts.
Delinquent juveniles may be incarcerated by the court as punishment, depending on the gravity of their actions. This normally happens when the crime committed by the juvenile could attract a heavy sentencing penalty if he or she was an adult. Repeat juvenile offenders also attract incarceration sentences. Juvenile offenders may be sent to juvenile correction facilities and later transferred to state prisons if they fail to reform as required of them. This paper will discuss prison sentencing reform for juveniles in the U.S. and its effectiveness. Prison sentencing of juveniles has more negative effects on the lives of the offenders and it should be discouraged.

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