Need an argumentative essay on Privatization of Healthcare. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Since government funds are finite, the public health care system had to perforce follow certain norms and set limits on the extent of assistance that could be given in public hospitals. As a result, those who could afford to, or these who were covered under various insurance schemes turned to private hospitals to attend to their needs. As these private hospitals and clinics flourished, a debate arose on the very necessity of a public health scheme. Some countries have a dual public-private hospital system which also seems to work wherein, ” complex conditions and procedures are serviced largely by the public sector, whereas private hospitals are utilized for elective and less complex surgery and non-urgent conditions” (O’Hara &amp. Brook 1996). While this may well be the case for those covered by private health insurance, this may not necessarily hold good for the poor and indigent. For this category of people, public hospitals are the first choice for all kinds of treatment, except when a particular facility is no available, when they might be forced to go to private hospitals at their own expense.

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