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Instead, he erred due to the external attribution or outside factors such as, luck, poor team given to him or any other factor that might have influenced this project other than Marc’s expertise or aptitude for the project. Looking at Marc’s consistency and his past records, Elaine should infer that the project failed due to external attribution and not due to any internal attribution.
There would be some errors that would be involved in the decision making process that takes into account the attribution forces. Elaine might overestimate or give more importance to the internal causes if in her opinion Marc hasn’t given his 100% for the project. In this case she would ignore other factors such as proper team was not given to him or any other factors such as bad working environment of the firm that might have contribute to the failure of the project. Similarly, another very natural reaction for her would be to say that Marc was solely responsible for the error and would taker herself out of the blame, whereas if the project would have been successful, she might have credited the entire organization not just Marc for the success. These are some of the attribution errors that Elaine would have to be wary of.