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Need an argumentative essay on Research Design Challenges. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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It is due to the fact that, according to Slavin (1985), “most of the time, students work independently, and they are continually in competition with one another for grades, praise, and recognition” (Slavin, 1985, p. 5). And as each one of us may agree, for an intellectually-endowed student, it would be difficult to be paired with a low-performing classmate, considering the fact that it would not cause the former to gain intellectual benefits from the latter. In a similar way, the low-performing student would find it intimidating to be paired with a highly-competitive classmate, where the former is perceived to be having a hard time in coping with the latter’s exemplary abilities. These challenges only typify the proposition that the classroom environment and the schools in general are least characterized by cooperative activities (Slavin, 1985). In regard to the aforementioned facts, conscientious implementation of the research design is hereby warranted in order to meet those challenges. Furthermore, adequate orientation and information dissemination pertaining to the purpose of cooperative learning- to help each other achieve the goals (Kennesaw State University., 2009) – will surely enhance the confidence of both classifications of students (the achievers and the low-performing ones), thereby promoting cohesiveness.

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