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Need an argumentative essay on Select a Code of Conduct to Revise. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
In addition, the communication language in which the code of business conduct should convey the message should be understood by the employees (Waldmann, 2006).
Corporate companies like Diageo and Coca-Cola prohibit their employees from taking for themselves or directing business opportunity to other people that business opportunity that the organization has turned down. This code of business conduct needs to be revised. This is because of the fact that if organizations like Coca -Cola are not interested with the business opportunity they should therefore provide the employees with the chance of taking up the challenge and provide the services needed. This should be allowed to provide the employees the chance to grow themselves. If an organization is not interested in a business opportunity, then it means that it is giving other people that opportunity. Therefore, why not give the same opportunity to the employees to empower them and make them have better income and advance their careers (Barth, 2003).

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