Need an argumentative essay on Self evaluative about my experience as a writer. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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I do not know much about writing. Bringing out thoughts through writing is never as easy as speaking ideas freely. What you say may be of same content as to what you will write but making it to come though professional write-ups takes practice and sufficient training. And, I took the opportunity and gave all of my best ability to grow as a writer.
Learning the skills and equip a person to become a writer requires patients because you have to learn the basic processes in writing. While writing involves processes, this means that there are certain techniques that a writer can apply to do the writing approach. Actually, there are no specific or general processes that I follow. I write freely, yet considering the format and use of grammar of course. I know that professional writers do not write without effort and getting perfect output from their first draft. Revisions are always welcome with the drafts.

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