Need an argumentative essay on The Cell. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
If both of these compounds are found in high amount than the process of the conversion of glucose into glycogen is mediated by insulin, which is stored in liver and muscles (Hardy 50). Glucose and Glycogen are the two major macronutrients found in the process.
2) Glycogenesis is an anabolic reaction because the series of reactions result is the formation of glycogen&nbsp.whereas, glycolysis is catabolic in nature because it breaks down large glucose molecule into smaller components and releases energy.
3) Cellular compartmentalization is very important so that the products of each process remain unaffected from the surrounding cellular activities. Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm (cytosol) of cells. Cytoplasm is a not a membrane-bound organelle. All the major constituents of cells are found suspended in it. Glycolysis requires enzymes, which are abundant, find in the cytoplasm. These enzymes are not found in other organelles like mitochondria. The process of glycogenesis occurs in the cytoplasm of liver and muscle cells. When the blood sugar level is low, this stored glycogen is converted into glucose to replenish the energy requirement of the body as in the case of fight and flight.

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