Need an argumentative essay on The Rise of Venice during the Renaissance because of Trade and Shipping. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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(Bernstein, 1998, p. 11)
The rise of Venice started with the advent of using land route to Northern Europe, when Venetians started to make money by selling salt, which they used to get by dried seawater and fish for their livelihood. This livelihood gradually took the form of profession when by using trading savvy they began trading up the rivers. “With the rise of Byzantium, east-west trade expanded. With this expansion Venetians promoted as middlemen, selling goods from the East to consumers in the West and ultimately appeared as Merchants. Merchants then ran a profitable triangle by exporting timber from Venice to Egypt, then from Egypt they used to export gold to Byzantium and finally bring luxury goods to Venice. As this went round and round, Venice amassed capital and its mercantile fleet grew to be the biggest in the Mediterranean”. (Steves Rick)

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