Need an argumentative essay on Tourism policy -crowding management in tourism. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Crowd management, as the name implies, is defined as management of the crowd, where management includes but is not limited to planning, accommodation, and administration of the crowd in a particular setting.
Safety and well-being of the tourists is the matter of prime concern in any kind of tourism service. Crowd management is intrinsically about ensuring the delivery of best service to the tourists. Inadequate crowd management in tourism causes loss of profitability of the tourism business in addition to more severe consequences including loss of life and property. Inappropriate crowd management incurs bad reputation to the organizers in the market and tourists’ confidence in them is shattered. This reduces their client base, affects the profitability of business, and many legal implications have to be faced (Rahmat, 2009). A potential reason of inadequate crowd management is poor estimation of the size and needs of the crowd in a particular location. Poor estimation and scheduling is often an outcome of lack of experience.

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