Need an argumentative essay on UK-An Investors Haven. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Similarly, countries that export such goods can then look at importing goods that they feel are more attractive and efficient from third countries. Such ‘gains from trade’ will help all countries benefit and lead to all-round development and prosperity. Global production and consumption will increase (Bruce E. Moon, Ideas and Policies, 1999)2. This law of comparative advantage was expressed by renowned economist David Ricardo, who concluded that such practices of ‘gains from trade’ benefited nations economically. The UK has enough coal deposits for consumption. however, it depends on China and Australia for its consumption. Despite the cost of transportation, coal is still cheap when imported from these countries, compared to high-cost production costs here. This way of imports not only helps the local economy, but increases revenue for those countries as well (Sherlock and Reuvid, The handbook of International Trade, 2004)3.

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