Need an argumentative essay on Using movement to teach academics. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Learning through movement is the preferred mode of learning for young children. This is because through active involvement, children are able to learn the best. For example in prepositions, should be made part of movement in class as they are critical in life. children need to understand them fully. As children move in every direction (under, slide, around, in tunnels, near and over objects) the words make more meaning to them. Such orientation in the space is important for children to identify letters and symbol orientation in a page. Sandra Minton says that the difference between a letter “b” and “d” is dependent upon orientation as both letters are comprised of a circle and a line (2003). Whenever children talk or listen to each other like on the playground as they make new inventions, they are practising and expanding vocabulary as well as learn how to communicate which is an important lesson. In Saudi Arabia where I come from, active learning was not part of the curricula as teachers saved on the academic time. What they did not understand is that young children can not concentrate in class like adults, listen to all the vocabularies and remember them next time in class. Practice through activities makes learning a quicker method in early childhood development.