Need an argumentative essay on Web based Health Care. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Sites need to sign up for the HONcode to ensure that they follow the eight principles of this code. Through this then individuals can check out for the red and blue seal of the HONcode on the websites they visit to look for information on different health conditions.
One example of a site is the American Diabetes association that provides continuous care to the diabetes patients and enables other individuals to learn about the management, diagnosis and symptoms of diabetes. It also advises individuals on what to eat and what foods to avoid by giving out recipes. The main objective of this site is to cure and prevent diabetes and to improve the lives of all the individuals affected by diabetes. The eight principles of the HONcode comprise of: the authority of the data provided, information privacy and confidentiality. accurate attribution of sources. the transparency of economic sponsorship. the significance of evidently separating editorial content from advertising. complimentary data that does not replace but supports the patient-doctor relationship, and back up assertions concerning performance and benefits.