Need an argumentative essay on Werewolves. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The werewolves (though referred to differently from a place to another) were among such species of living creatures, which roamed the thick forests as well as within the dark of the nights and which, according to many societies, were very dangerous, and thus required to be avoided by human beings (Regel1-5). Communities and social groups developed legends, which would explain the existence of these werewolves, the manners to fight them and ways to kill them as they were seen to kill people. Many cultures in the past had much ascription to beliefs of existence of these beings (traces that are in existent even in the present day era). Despite the continued existence of these figures of werewolves within the fiction fields in the film industry, there is a real concern of the extinction of these werewolves as they were. Nevertheless, the existence of the Bigfoot, the Yeti as well as the Sasquatch in the 19th century raises concerns of whether this would point to the evolution of the traditional werewolves. and in case, this would be the explanation to the evolution.

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