Note: The Discussion Board Forum assignment this module/week is taken from chapter 12, the Amazon Video Case 12. Amazon Video: Delivering The Earth’s Biggest Selection:
• Read the Amazon Video Case 12 in chapter 12 of the text and watch the corresponding Amazon video (use the URL above to navigate to the video).
Note: Do not use the URL provided in the Video Case 12-4 listed in the text Amazon case page:
• Describe how Amazon’s online marketing strategy is impacting conventional retail stores. What specific advantages do Amazon and other online firms have over brick and mortar department stores? What advantages do local retail stores have over online shopping?• How are brick and mortar retail stores responding to the online shopping competitors? Provide an example.• Can an “even playing field” be achieved for both the local department store and an online merchant offering the same products? Explain and support your answer.• How is Amazon looking beyond retail shopping to providing managed logistics services to other firms?