I need help answering this question for organic chemistry lab. the major component in the eucalyptus oil was a-phellandrene
1. Now that you know which diene was present in the eucalyptus oil, draw a chemical equation for the Diels-Alder reaction that you performed, Includethese elements in your equation: (1 point) Draw the correct diene structure on the reactants side(3 points) Draw arrows on the reactants side to show the flow of electrons during the reaction(6 points) Draw the product from two perspectives: side-on and from the top. If we drew cyclohexane from both of m these perspectives it would look like this: side onYour drawings of the products should include the H atoms that originated on the dienophile view top V’ewside-on view top view0A+ I O —> :Et20O The equals sign indicates that the two drawings on the right side represent the same molecule, but show it from two different angles