On the class website under homework and “Cases you will need’ is “A Tale of Two Restaurants”. In class we have, or will have discussed several schemas/frameworks (correct product: 4 characteristics of strategy: what is quality: what is TQ: dimensions of quality for services and goods: five questions that need answered, what a business is, relationship between knowledge, motivation, and integration: three divisions/levels of an organization: relationship between products and processes: relationship between divisions/levels and processes: five types of quality in general and those five types of quality specific to the three different divisions/levels of the firm, Stakeholder Satisfaction Causal Model). Use Framework 3 and the Stakeholder Satisfaction Causal Model as an assessment tool. Read Question Set Answers one and two under ‘Discussion and Readings’ on the website for more detail about the frameworks. Carefully read the case keeping our schemas/frameworks in mind and advise Tim and Jim what they are doing (1) correct and (2) wrong. Support your statements by linking consequences to actions/practices/rules and explaining why those consequences are the result of the specific actions/practices/rules. Then (3) suggest how they can improve and (4) what could most likely happen from a net revenue perspective (and why) if they follow your suggestions that are based on and supported by the frameworks/information from the book. In other words, you are going to make arguments about what they should or should not do, and then you are going to support those arguments by presenting the advantageous of operationalizing your suggestions and disadvantageous if they do not operationalize your suggestions.

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