One month later the couple decided to purchase additional ovens as they found that they were unable to produce enough croissants to keep up with customer demand. They visited the showroom of King of Ovens which sell both new and second-hand ovens. The couple indicated to a representative, Steve, that they needed to purchase two further ovens in reliable order to bake croissants. It was apparent to Steve that the couple did not speak English well; that they were not experienced in the business side of running a bakery, and that Bruno was in pain due to a health condition. Steve saw this as a great opportunity to sell two faulty ovens that the store had been attempting to sell for several months. Steve sold the ovens to Bruno and Maria for $3000 each, but did not mention that they were faulty. Bruno and Maria purchased the ovens and in doing so, signed a twenty page document which indicated that the purchasers acknowledged that the ovens may or may not be in working order. In fact, the ovens were faulty which meant that the Bakery did not produce a sufficient quantity of croissants to keep up with demand. Three months later, to their surprise, construction of the light rail commenced along Ipswich Road. As a result customers were unable to access the Bakery during standard business hours when construction was taking place. The couple have estimated that their bakery turnover has declined from an annual turnover of $700,000 prior to construction to $200,000 as the bakery’s customers could only access the bakery after construction had ceased for the day.

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