What would the answer be for the following question?
Player II C Dc 6,6 1,7D 7,1 3,3 Player I Consider a game in which Player 1 first selects between L and R. if Player 1 selects L, then players 1 and 2 play a prisoner‘s dilemma game represented in the strategic form above. If Player 1 selectsR then, Player 1 and 2 play the battle—of—the-sexes game in which they simultaneously and independently choose between A and B. If they both choogeiA, then the payoff vector is (4,4). If they bothchoose B, then the payoff vector is (2,2). Finally, if one chooses A while the other B then the payoff vector is (0, 0). The game has , proper subgames. Player 1 has i pure strategies and Player 2 has pure strategies. (Please, enter only numerical answers like: 1, 2, 3, …)