Please help with this project.
This homework will allow you to research, document and compare major components of the Oracle 12c database and at least one other relational or NoSQL database of your choice. Many choices exist for comparison with Oracle including MySQL, SQL Server, Amazon Dynamo and Google’s Cloud datastore.
Using available documentation for Oracle 12c and one other database of your choice, research and provide a unique comparison of the architecture (physical, logical, processes, memory, application, network and other areas as appropriate). Be sure to create summary presentation tables and diagrams to enhance your descriptions. The document should be based on referenced readings using your own words. In your description be sure to discuss your reasons for selecting the database you used for comparison. Your document should be strongly technical in nature (i.e., it should not read like a Vendor’s product brochure) However; It should be well-organized, well-written and provide all references used for your research. There should be minimal spelling and grammatical errors. Your document should be double-space, using a 12-point font of your choice. It is envisioned the document will be between 8 and 20 pgs in length. A well-organized, efficiently written paper that covers the topics is recommended.