Please Reading Assignment: Zumdahl, Chapter 9.7-9.8 Hess” Law is used to calculate the heat released by a chemical reaction. What does a negative enthalpy change indicate? Can carbon monoxide burn exothermically? Hrx = Hf,products – During the winter, a typical house will require about a half million kilojoules per day for heating. How many moles of natural gas (methane) would be needed? Is there an advantage to produce liquid water or steam as a by-product? Determine the heat released when one pound (454 g) of acetylene is burned. To obtain a “hotter” flame, oxygen is often burned with acetylene. Why is the flame hotter? The standard heat of combustion of gaseous propane is -2220. KJmol-1 Determine the standard heat of formation of gaseous propane. How much pressure-volume work is involved when this reaction occurs at 25 C? Determine the change in internal energy for this reaction. The heat flow in this process is equal to which thermodynamic term, qp or qv? Estimat

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