Prepare: Prior to tackling this second discussion question, make a nice sandwich, grab a cold drink, and watch our weekly movie, Congress: How it Works. Again, make sure you have the discussion questions handy as your watch the movie so that you can take some notes and respond effectively to these questions. Also, remember to utilize what you read in Chapters 5 to 7 in A Novel Approach to Politics.Reflect: The U.S. Congress is a complex and diverse institution. The legislative branch is designed to perform many critical functions in the U.S. and this branch of government must be flexible yet rigid at times. For example, Congress reorganizes itself every two years after elections. The powers of Congress are varied and include enumerated and implied powers and very powerful impeachment powers. These various powers are critical elements of the checks and balances provided in the Constitution. Clear understanding of our legislative branch will broaden your understanding of how government structures and institutions are designed and function.Write: In your initial post of at least 200 words, complete the following:

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