I cannot get Math.random() to work to the point that I have literally coy and pasted the sample used from the textbook and I still get this error code. Any tips on how I can fix this?
Program 1.2.5 Casting to get a random integerpublic class RandomIntpublic static void main(String args)int n = Integer . parseInt(args [0]) ;double r = Math. random(); // uniform between 0.0 and 1.0int value = (int) (r * n); // uniform between 0 and n-1System. out. printIn(value) ;This program uses the Java method Math . random() to generate a random number r between0.0 (inclusive) and 1. 0 (exclusive); then multiplies r by the command-line argument n to geta random number greater than or equal to O and less than n; then uses a cast to truncate theresult to be an integer va lue between 0 and n-1.X javac RandomInt . javapublic class Random{* java RandomInt 1000public static void main (String args) {548java RandomInt 1000int n = Integer . parseInt (args [0] ) ;141% java RandomInt 1000000double r = Math . random( ) ;135032int value = (int) (r * n) ;System . out . printIn (value) ;Checkstyle: Do not call ‘Math.random()’ in this course. Instead, use an appropriate method from ‘StdRandom’, such as ‘StdRandom.uniform()’. less… (Ctrl+F1)Inspection info: This inspection integrates CheckStyle and reports in real-time on problems against the current CheckStyle profile.