I have to write up a Project scope statement and Project concept document on this scenario:
New Client:
The Photography Company is a small photography company consisting of 15 employees who are converting the company into digital. The company understands they have to keep up with the technology and become a trendy business for the future generations to come.
The company has a main office and a small photography studio. The small studio has been a separate entity, but with more graduation photo requests, marching band requests, and miscellaneous photos. There needs to be a central location to process all the photos and keep everything in order. This is why a main office is built and this is where most of the employees of the photography company reside. With this change to keep up with the scalability of demand, McCall is responsible for the implementation of projects.
Project Concept DocumentI. General InformationProject name: My ProjectRequestor name: Stephen SavageRequestor’s contact information:ection One— To be completed by the…