Ques. 1) Which of the following is not an advantage of the corporate form of business organization?a. Sell debt or equity in public capital marketsb. Owners have limited liabilityc. Owners are subject to double taxationd. May continue in business in perpetuityQues. 2) Working capital management involves decisions related to the following:a. Purchase of production machinesb. Extending credit to customersc. Signing a 3 year lease for an office buildingd. Negotiating with city officials a 2-year tax abatement plan for a new factoryQues. 3) Which of the following statements is correct:a. Market forces provide sufficient incentives for ethical behaviorb. It would be easier to do business if there were no ethical normsc. Government regulations are necessary to ensure ethical behaviord. An ethical culture with good internal controls promotes ethical behaviorQues. 4) In 2010, Jack’s Art Gallery sold 200 original works of art for $1,240,520. The gallery acquired the works sold for $530,000. Each painting was framed using predesigned framing kits in the gallery’s own workshop. The firm bought 100 kits in January for $50,000, 100 kits in March for $60,000.,100 kits in May for $40,000 and 100 kits in August for $30,000. Other costs of operation, including salaries, supplies, rent, etc., totaled $200,000. The company depreciated its assets by $120,000 and paid interest on loans totaling $55,000. Assuming no other costs and that Jack’s Art Gallery used FIFO in its inventory management, the firm’s EBITDA for 2010 was:a. $280,520b. $230,520c. $400,520d. $440,520Ques. 5) Jake Smith opened his Balinese coffee shop business in downtown Boise on January 1st 2010. On December 31st, 2010, he sat down with his accountant to figure out how his business had done in its first year and heaved a sigh of relief when his accountant reported that his EBT came to $20,000. Revenues, at $1,050,000 looked good. His expenses were as follows:Salaries and benefits paid to employees

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