Questions: Based on the below what advice would you give to Mr. Das? That is, from an organization development (OD)or “systems” perspective, what approach would you take to solve this problem? Who should be involved, e.g., should individuals from HR, OD, and Operations be involved, and if so, how? What challenges do you anticipate facing as you work on this project?
Ahmed is the Vice President of Human Resources at Metropolitan Transit System, a large and complex rail system that covers both a large city and suburbs in a metropolitan area. The Vice President of Operations, Billy Watson, has called to complain about the quality of candidates available to become new Rail Operations Managers. Watson’s specific comments were: “How come your training program is not delivering the people we need? What’s wrong with the training anyway? You people in HR need to get with it! We’re experiencing some retirements and we need quality people to fill these positions.”