Read the quality profile about American Electric Power (AEP) provide on the web site.
Relative to question sets one and two and framework three on how an organization can achieve QM, QA, QD, Qconf, Qcont, and thus goal congruency, stakeholder centrism and a culture of continuous improvement implementation answer the following questions. 1) what was their belief regarding employees from Douglas McGregor’s perspective, 2) what do you feel AEP was doing wrong before their transformation, 3) what do you feel they changed to accomplish the transformation, and 4) how do you feel they implemented those changes. Two to five pages double spaced with 12 font. As in HW 1 use information in the case and class discussions and readings to support your claims. The audience is a company you are a consultant for and you are using this case as an example of how to do things correctly and incorrectly. If you are not convincing in your explanation you would lose the $1,000,000 contract to consult.

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