Read the Zip Car Case Study and discuss the how their information technology supports their business strategy…
Zipcar is an answer for customers who want to rent a car for a few hours in their home city rather than for a few days from a traditional rental agency. Car reservations are for a specific pick‐up time and location around the city, often in neighborhoods so the customers need only to walk to pick up their reserved car. Customers apply for a Zipcard, which enables them to reserve a car online and unlock their car when they arrive at its location.
The company operates with a very small staff compared to traditional rental agencies. Very little human interaction is required between the customer and Zipcar for a transaction. A customer reserves a car online, enters into the reserved car by waving the RFID‐enabled Zipcard against the card reader mounted behind the driver ’ s side windshield, returns the car to the same location, and is billed on the credit card already on file.

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