(Round all intermediate calculations to at least 4 decimal places.)
The following output summarizes a portion of the results for a two-way analysis of variance experiment with no interaction. Factor A consists of four different kinds of organic fertilizers, factor B consists of three different kinds of soil acidity levels, and the variable measured is the height (in inches) of a plant at the end of four weeks.
a.Find the missing values in the ANOVA table. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)
ANOVA Source of Variation SSdf MS Fp-valueF crit Rows0.88 2 MSB = FFactor B = 0.7456 3.463 Columns40.43 3 MSA = FFactor A = 0.0109 3.289 Error8.56 6 MSE = Total49.87 11
[Reund all Intermediate calculatlene be at least 4 decimal places} The fellmving output summarizes a pertien at the results for a tiers-way analysis at variance experiment withno interaction. Factor A consists at four different kinds of organic fertilizers, factclr 3 consists of “treedifi’erent kinds of soil acidity.r levelsI and me variable measured is the height ljn inches} of a plant at the endat four weeks. a. Find the missing values In the AHDVA tabla. [Reund ynur answers to 2 decimal places.] msotooo one-Hm ss er us _ F. . p-vtiue Fat-lt-Flc-tvs 3.3.3 3 use = __ _[ Fpfim 3 = | _| 3.3453 3.433Columns 43.43 3 use a I’ "I 5:55” A =- l’ " 3.3133 3.233Errcr 8.56 E MSE = | Total 43.3? 11 l— b. At the 10% significance level, can you mrldmle mat average gretvtl’t at the plant differs by ctganictertllizier’? ‘F‘ Yes. since the p-valua {or Facterfit is less than tr. ‘fi Yes. since the Itzl-itralue for Facterfit Is greater than tr."K Na. since the p-value for FacterA is less than cr. "H“ No. since the p-value for FacterA is greater than tr. 1:. A1 the 10% significance level. can van conclude that the average 9mm of lite giant difiers bv aciditylevel? "“ Yes.sincethep-valueforFacl;erBtsl-aes Inan o. "fl Yes. since the p-value {or Factor B is greater than EI’.-‘“‘ No. since the p-valua tor Footor Bis less than o. ‘E No. since the p-valua fer Factor E is greater than EI’.