Review two user interfaces that you encounter in daily life.
One of them should be a software interface (library application, a gaming interface, banking software etc.)
The other should be an ordinary object, not a software (phone, TV, printer, ATM, vending machine, etc.)
Pick a specific software and an object, not a category. Not just a phone, a specific model (Samsung Galaxy S9 for example). You can take a picture of the object and add to your assignment. I would strongly suggest to add an image.
Pick an item that has some complexity to it. Not a hairdryer with a single on/off button. It does not have to be extremely complicated either.
Explain the positive and negative aspects of the interfaces. Be descriptive. Not just, it is hard to use or I really like the button. What could be done to improve usability? What makes it hard to use? Does it require training to use?