Role of erythropoietin in RBC production Complete the following statements to summarize the note of eryfltropcietin in red blood cell production. Not all choices will be used. II II carotenoids Iu ngs hemoglobin helpful decrease increase Fted blood cells tRBCsJ are produced in the tram red blood stem cells that differentiate to formmature RBCs. As the FiBCs mature. they lose their nucleus and acquire , which gives them their color. When insufficient oxygen is being delivered to the cells. the body has a way to the number ofFtB-Cs. release a hormone called erythropoietin, which stimulates the cells in bone marrowto produce RBCs. for a person with anemia, a disease which decreases the number of R303 in thebody. This hormone has also been used illegally by athletes; though the process is dangerous. it serves to enhanceathletic performance by improving muscles.

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