1.3.4 Need help, I already past first test, but how to pass the second test?
Run the program and observe the output. Change the input box value from 3 to another number, and run again.Load default template…31 dog_years = int(input(‘Enter age of dog (in years): ‘))AWNHprint()4 human_years = 7 * dog_yearsRun6 print(dog_years, ‘dog years is about’, end=’ ‘ )7 print (human_years, ‘human years . ‘)Feedback?CHALLENGEACTIVITY1.3.4: Read user input and print to output.Read three numbers from user input. Then, print the product of those numbers. Ex: If input is 2 3 5, output is 30. Note: Our systemwill run your program several times, automatically providing different input values each time, to ensure your program works for anyinput valuesHN”’ Your solution goes here ‘V1 testwpassed