The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries are increasingly important in international business. In this case briefly describe the economy of the BRIC countries and identify reasons why the BRIC countries are growing in importance. See the Case Analysis document in DocSharing for case requirements. Submit the paper to the Dropbox and through no later than 11:59 PM Sunday EST/EDT. -Minimum word count: 2500-Provide a country profile for each country discussed (Country size, population, official language, brief history, economy, religion, etc.; check out the CIA country study series for the type of data required for a nation profile) -Use APA format-Provide a Table of Contents-In order to analyze the economy of the BRIC countries, start with the economic indicators and statistics of each country, such as GDP growth, size of economy, population, balance of trade, etc. You can also talk about major export industries of each of these countries. A trend analysis reflecting the growth of the economy in the last decade will be useful as such nations have gained prominence in the last 10 years only and have become powerful nations in the global trade. -Deeply analyze the global market share of these countries in different industries. -Another area to analyze in the case is foreign direct investment in each of these countries over the last few years. The FDI statistics will reflect the growing investment levels attracted by these countries from foreign countries and global corporations. -The huge domestic markets due to large population of countries like China and India also needs to be highlighted as these economies have become one of the largest and fastest growing markets for different industries. -The growing disposable income due to economic boom and booming capital markets are another area to highlight in the analysis.

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