1. Section 3.1: #12. Write each statement in symbolic form using the indicated letters to represent the corresponding components. Snoopy is not an aviator (~a), or the Sopwith Camel is an airplane( p). (Format: pv~a or similar–no spaces) ____ (3.7 Points) 2. Let “p” be Mida is cooperative and let “q” be Desi is uncooperative. Write the following statement in symbolic form: It is not the case that Mida and Desi are both uncooperative. (Format: (pv~a) or similar–no spaces) ____ (3.7 Points) 3. Section 3.3: #6. Find the truth value of the following statement: If 2 + 2 = 22, then 8 = 4 + 4 (3.7 Points) 4. #56.Which of the following statements is logically equivalent to “If you want to buy organic food, you have to let your grocer know”? (3.7 Points) 5. #58. Which of the following statements is the logical negation of “If it rains, we will not go to the beach”? (3.7 Points) 6. Section 3.4: #18. Let h be honk and u be you love Ultimate. Write the following in symbolic form: 18. Honk only if you love Ultimate. (Format: u->l or similar–no spaces) ____ (3.7 Points)

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